About Us

“Praising the Lord in song,”

“sharing our faith,” and

“being role models for youths” 

Those are three phrases The Overtones use to describe themselves.

            “Talented singers who harmonize beautifully,”

                   “wonderful Christian men,” and

                             “great guys who are fun to be with”


Those are three phrases their fans use to describe The Overtones.

Regardless of the words that tell their story, one thought overwhelms the listener as he or she attends any concert involving The Overtones – “These guys can really sing!”

These guys are John Deboy, brothers Augie and Paul Pence, and Levi Riggs. All in their 20’s and either graduates or were once students of Purdue University, The Overtones have been making great music for more than seven years.

Whether performing in concerts throughout the Midwest on weekends or recording albums in Nashville, Tenn., and Lafayette, Ind., The Overtones have blended their musical lives into their personal lives as young professionals.

In April of 2011 The Overtones released their first ALL acapella CD – Titled “Voices”. This CD has taken some of their old acapella favorites that you’ve heard in concert and paired them with a few brand new acapella songs.  One of their newest songs on the CD is a Jazzy arrangement of “This Little Light of Mine”.   You are sure to enjoy it!

The Overtones’ sixth CD production, entitled “Everyday” and released in May of 2009, features songs written by friends, roommates, acquaintances and Nashville writers. The Overtones make them all sound great … and make Producer Garry Jones very proud.

“This is The Overtones’ best effort yet,” says Jones. “It displays their great versatility and blend of talents while providing a wonderful balance. Whether the listener appreciates country, contemporary, or gospel, there’s something on ‘Everyday’ that everyone will enjoy.”

Prior the “Everyday,” The Overtones recorded five CD projects and one DVD.

Their 2008 release, “Walk,” was the first project featuring Levi Riggs as lead singer. That CD inspires listeners to “Walk By Faith” and reaffirms the truth that we serve one God who supplies all we need. Also, in 2008, the group released its first DVD, also entitled “Walkin’ Home” featuring many of the same songs along with interviews and testimonials by the singers.

“Sanctuary” was released in 2007 providing a refuge in times of need with comfort of song, featuring hymns of joy and peace. Songs like “Lord, Prepare Me,” “Peace in the Valley,” and “To God Be the Glory,” make this CD a keepsake.

The group had two CD releases in 2006. “In Harmony with the King” reminds listeners that living as children of God is not always easy, but assures us that He will never leave us. “The Overtones Live”was recorded live at their spring concert at the Rossville Fine Arts Center, in Rossville, Ind., close to the high school choir room where The Overtones’ harmony was first discovered and developed by music teacher Janel Baker.

Their first CD, “He’s Got A Plan,” hit the Christian music scene in 2005, featuring the title song written by close friend Joel Brovont and carrying a message that The Overtones truly believe … God has a plan for each of us.

His plan for The Overtones seems to be taking shape very nicely.

How it all began …

The year was 2004 and 17-year-old Paul Pence took a leap of faith, putting together a captivating group of teens called The Overtones.

Four young men (Aaron Brovont, John Deboy, Augie Pence, and Paul Pence, ranging in age from 14 through 17) formed a group within their school choir to enter a Barbershop Quartet competition at the Rossville Fine Arts Center.

After winning first place in that statewide competition, Paul introduced the boys to Southern Gospel music, by persuading the boys to take a road trip to see the famed Signature Sound.  The boys were astounded. That night God used the energizing and Christ-centered sounds of this music to stir something special inside of them. They vowed that their group, The Overtones, would dedicate their talent to the Lord and sing Christian music from that day forward.

A few months later Signature Sound accepted an invitation to perform at Rossville High School.  During the concert, tenor singer Ernie Haase invited the boys up on stage to sing. They received a standing ovation and began their career as a Gospel group.  Now every spring and fall, The Overtones return home to commemorate that memory by planning special concerts that include performances with groups like The Isaacs, Mercy’s Mark, The Perry’s, and Gold City. Thousands of people travel from miles around to see these concerts in Central Indiana and fill the 800-seat Rossville Fine Arts Center to capacity.

Paul reflects upon the journey of The Overtones and credits much of their success to music producer Garry Jones, former band member of Joe Diffey, founder of Mercy’s Mark and former producer and pianist of Signature Sound. Garry has produced six successful albums for The Overtones. “Garry has been a friend, a mentor and a spiritual brother to all of us,” says Paul. “We thank God for his love.”

During the summer of 2007 The Overtones went overseas on their first mission trip to the Philippines where they were special guests of World Teach and ministered to thousands of people in two major cities.  They followed that up with mission trip in August of 2009 to Romania, where they sang 16 times in eight days while working closely with World Teach and Walk Through the Bible. They are planning a trip to Brazil in December. In addition to their overseas travels, they have also performed in Texas twice, Alabama and North Carolina.

All four of the original Overtones graduated from Rossville High School and went on to nearby Purdue University. Youngest member Aaron Brovont, deciding that his engineering studies were too demanding, retired from the group in 2007 and was replaced by Levi Riggs, a lead tenor with the world renowned Purdue Varsity Glee Club, upon his graduation from Purdue.

John, Augie, Paul and Levi are on fire for the Lord! They look forward to spreading the joy of Jesus Christ to believers and non-believers throughout the world.